Average Joe SCOTUS – Nutraceutical Corp. v Lambert

This perverted SOB Lambert was having a hard time getting a boner. He likes his porn mags, and he assumed the ads in the back for boner pills were legit. You know, because that Asian in a Latina porn site, or that woman with surgical marks on her boobs on an “all-natural women” site is evidence that the porn industry is always honest.

So he bought his boner pills, and imagine his surprise when he still had a wet noodle.

He decided to sue Nutraceutical, the makers of this placebo boner pill for false advertising. Apparently blissfully unaware that the FDA doesn’t give one shit about these nonsense supplements—they have real drugs to address.

Nutra asked the case be dropped due to lack of evidence, because these bullshit supplement companies are shady AF, and somehow, the court granted it.

Lambert gave notice he wanted to appeal 10 days from the date it was dropped, and the court told him he had 10 days to file his appeal making it a total of 20 days later. But the rule in place was actually that he only had 14 days, making him six days late.

So SCOTUS was now basically asked to rule on whether it was fair he got rejected when the court told him he had ten days, and really only had four according to the rules.

SCOTUS told him to take his pervy bullshit elsewhere. Rules are rules, now fuck off.

Also, why aren’t we talking about how supplement companies are shady AF, and the FDA doesn’t care, instead of caring about some procedural bullshit like this?

Read about the case and/or hear oral arguments here

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