Average Joe SCOTUS – Apple v. Pepper

Apple are a bunch of control freaks. We know that, right?

Apple only lets you install apps via the app store, and they tack on 30% to the price of the apps from the developers who made them. They say this is so that they can test them and insure that they work properly, but don’t think for a second those holier-than-thou motherfuckers don’t screen out apps they think are immoral or something, like porn.

Pepper was just your average consumer who felt like they were being raped by Apple. The 30% drives up the cost quite high, and Apple prevents anyone else from competing with them. So Pepper filed an anti-trust suit, saying Apple are being assholes.

Apple said that they only felt that the developers could sue, not the peons that use their shit, based on a previous precedent involving some Brick company in Illinois.

SCOTUS agreed with Pepper though 5:4, that Apple can go eat a bag of dicks. If Pepper wants to sue, go ahead and sue, already.

Everyone who thought Kavanaugh would be a right-wing zealot were left looking a little foolish when he sided with all the left-wing justices on this one.

Anti-trust suits to follow, almost assuredly.

Read about the case and/or listen to oral arguments here

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