Average Joe SCOTUS – Dawson v. Steager

In West Virginia, if you work for the state as a local firefighter or law enforcement official, you don’t have to pay state income tax. You put your life on the line, they figure it’s the least they can do.

Dawson however, was a federal marshal operating in West Virginia, and was being taxed by West Virginia, because they want to get paid, y’all!

The state of West Virginia however, decided that federal marshals, even if they operate in West Virginia can go fuck themselves. Pay your taxes, bitch! We don’t care if you put your life on the line in our state, we only care if you were taking money out of our purse.

Side Note: I’ve got $20 that this wasn’t about the benevolence of West Virginia towards its employees for the sacrifices they make, but this was about police and fire labor unions negotiating this exemption.

Are we just going to ignore that the source of income mattered more to West Virginia than the sacrifice this man was willing to make for his state? Well, all nine SCOTUS justices aren’t, they think West Virginia is whack!

They told West Virginia they need to get their head straight, you discriminating sunsabitches!

Judgement for Dawson.

Hear oral arguments and/or read about the case here.

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