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Average Joe SCOTUS – BNSF Railway Co. v. Loos

This dude Loos worked at BNSF railway and got his dumb ass injured.

He was fired, because BNSF realized he was an idiot, and ain’t nobody got time for that shit.

Because he got hurt on the job, he sued and won money to compensate him for his injuries and lost wages, because apparently, being an idiot is an acceptable excuse for getting your dumb ass hurt on the job.

BNSF took out taxes, because you know the govt don’t give a f*** where the money comes from, they want a cut.

Loos sued because he wanted all his cash, saying it was money for injury, and not pay that would be subject to normal tax.

SCOTUS ruled 7:2, the majority basically saying IDGAF where the money came from or why, we’re taking our cut, bitch. Federal Govt is life, dawg!

Read the full case and hear the oral arguments here.