Average Joe SCOTUS: Jones v Mississippi

Piece of shit Brett Jones, at the tender age of 15, stabbed his grandfather to death. He was convicted of murder, and sentenced to life without parole. On appeal, this little prick lost, and his conviction and sentence were upheld.

However, the Supreme Court of Mississippi ordered the court to resentence him. They argued that in Miller v. Alabama, 567 U.S. 460 (2012), the courts considered life without parole cruel and unusual punishment for a minor, and that you can only sentence some scumbag kid that way, if you can show they’re going to be a lifelong scumbag, or what they described as permanently incorrigible.

So now SCOTUS has to determine if a juvenile must be deemed a scumbag of the highest order, who shall never be anything other than a scumbag is the rule under the 8th Amendment’s cruel and unusual clause.

The petitioner came out swinging with some touchy-feely bullshit arguing that even the worst of kids can change their ways.

But, Justice Alito dropped a hammer when he asked,

Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

There are a lot of people, they’re not psychologists maybe, but there are a lot of people who think that every human being is capable of redemption.

There’s actually a famous quote by Gandhi, who says exactly that. There are a lot of Christians who believe that. You think of the good thief on the cross. So, I mean, what if a judge says, you know, wow, the Supreme Court says I have to determine whether this person is capable of redemption, I believe that every human being is capable of redemption? What do you do with that?

Essentially arguing that there are a lot of people who think the concept of permanent incorrigibility is bullshit. And therefore, for them, this option is useless, making it as irrelevant as Greek mythology.

In a 6:3 opinion, where the touchy feely justices on the left dissented, SCOTUS ruled in favor of Mississippi. As noted above, a contrary ruling would effectively let every bleeding heart dismiss any life sentence because it hurts their feelings. But also, it leaves it open for the states to decide how they want to handle sentencing young little cunts like Jones.

Read about the case, or hear oral arguments here at Oyez.com

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