Interesting, Disturbing, and Funny Stuff From The Web: February 21st, 2014

I often scour the web throughout the day to inform myself about the world around me. Occasionally I find facts that are odd but really interesting, headlines that are just too funny not to share, animal stories that are just ridiculously cute, heinous people who should be publicly shamed, and random funny pics. So I thought I would start sharing them with you, my readers, hopefully on a weekly basis.

I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter!

Interesting Science Stories of the Week

Freaks of the Week

Villains of the Week

Funny Pics of the Week

Ad for Olympic Hockey game of USA vs Canada

Yikes! See a doctor, man!

Umm, what?

Gold medal secrets revealed!

I think I would have put Cox first, but hey, maybe they’re fun folks!

Resourceful girl selling Girl Scout cookies outside a marijuana dispensary.

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