Lethal Force Poll

In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, the use of lethal force and when it is appropriate is a subject of great controversy. With that in mind, when do you believe lethal force is justified?

2 thoughts on “Lethal Force Poll”

  1. I’m surprised to see so many votes supporting the use of deadly force to protect personal property. Life trumps property.

    1. Life trumps property is such a broad statement, and it’s no different than any other generic statement like bigoted stereotypes or anything else—it’s simply too broad to always be true.

      While I believe my life trumps my property, and the lives of innocent others trumps property, I do not believe for a second that the life of someone who doesn’t respect my life or property is worth two cents. Decent society relies on the notion that we respect the rights of life and property of others. For those who don’t respect that, they need to be given the opportunity to atone for what they’ve done. If they further their wrongdoing by fleeing, then I take no issue whatsoever with putting a bullet in their sociopathic head.

      Someone once asked me if I would really kill someone just because they were stealing my car stereo. My reply? “Well, I’d warn them first.”

      I wasn’t joking. I would have no qualms about coming up on someone stealing my stuff, putting a gun on them and saying, “Stop now, the police are on the way. If you move, you’re dead.” More importantly, I’d have no qualms about carrying out my statement.

      I’ve been the victim of such criminals both violently attacking me and stealing my car’s contents when I wasn’t around. If I had been armed and present, I would have killed every one of those disgusting individuals.

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