My Facebook Post Regarding racism. With all the outrage over Trayvon, where’s the defense for Jonathan Lowe?

Gary Nolan (and THE Scrappy Doo)
Gary Nolan (and THE Scrappy Doo)

For anyone who thinks my defense of George Zimmerman has anything to do with race, I care about skin color like I care about hair color and eye color. It’s a descriptor and nothing more. If you think it defines you or someone else to be a particular race, you are the one being racist in doing so.

If you think that I’m defending Zimmerman because he’s not black and Trayvon Martin is, chances are you’re probably more of a racist than I’ll ever be.

I love all human life that respects other human life, but I simply have no respect for people who think they have a right to physically assault someone who didn’t agree to mutual physical combat in advance (Such as two blokes getting into a bar fight).

Back in March, I blogged about my sincere passion on defending Jonathan Lowe, an ex-soldier who was physically assaulted and who happens to be black (Again, not that his race should matter, but I only mention it to show I am defending a black man as vehemently as I defend Zimmerman) who is charged with murder for stabbing one of his assailants to death, yet because his assailant was attempting to flee when Lowe stabbed him, he’s being charged with murder—disgracefully charged in my opinion.

 This person (no idea if his attacker was black or white, but for the 3rd time, it shouldn’t matter) chose to attack someone who had a deadly weapon to defend themselves, and like Trayvon Martin, (by account of all the physical and testimonial evidence provided, and thus the impetus for his acquittal) his choice of aggression over cooperation was the reason for his death.

Maybe instead of prosecuting victims of violent attacks who react with deadly force and ruining their lives, we can talk to children about not being violent in the first place. Maybe if we want to stop racism, we should stop being racist, whether it be white on black racism, black on white racism, or anything in between.

Maybe we could talk about all the young innocent men (of all races) who are routinely killed by others because gang life is considered more glamorous then geek life by today’s youth, and because parents are too busy to put the glorification of thug life in perspective for their children.

I grew up seeing movies about cowboys an Indians, but my parents taught me that such stories were fictional, and that hatred of native Americans is not a good thing. Sure it’s a part of our history, just as slavery, but it’s a part we’ve come to realize we could have and should have handled better. Maybe more parents should teach their kids the same about gang life and white people. Sure we Caucasians have a history of being racist, but that’s largely unaccepted now, and most intelligent people these days know better.

If Zimmerman had acted the exact same way prior to the physical altercation between the two and Trayvon simply had said, “I’m walking to my father’s house, he lives right over there” versus escalating the verbal confrontation to a physical one, does anyone truly believe he wouldn’t be alive today? Honestly think about that statement for a minute and tell me I’m wrong. So if I’m right, and any one of you with the power of reason should be comfortable that I am, then you know Trayvon is sadly, and I do mean sadly, a victim of his own aggression.

I am not a racist. I’m one of the few people that scold those of my own race who exhibit hateful racism in front of me. Indifference is apathy are traits I do not respect. 

I defend Zimmerman and Lowe because they were attacked and they reacted as I would have when I was twice attacked, if I had only had a gun then (once by four black men, once by a white guy, but for the fourth time now, the race shouldn’t matter). Instead of judging Zimmerman and Lowe, I empathize with them. If you’ve never been physically attacked and felt your life was in mortal danger, maybe you should stop judging and recognize that you don’t know how you’d react.

Here’s a link to my blog on the subject of self-defense where I mention Lowe’s situation, not the Zimmerman/Martin one, and it has a link to the story about Jonathan Lowe. All of you who so vehemently want to defend Trayvon Martin should equally and vehemently stand up to defend Jonathan Lowe. If you do, I will stand with you. He’s a black man who truly was an innocent victim, but unlike Trayvon Martin by all accounts, he attacked AFTER he was attacked first, not before.

2 thoughts on “My Facebook Post Regarding racism. With all the outrage over Trayvon, where’s the defense for Jonathan Lowe?”

  1. While I agree that the Trayvon case shouldn’t have anything to do with race, George Zimmerman is a guilt man. Not because he’s a nonblack man who killed a black boy, but because he resulted in vigilante justice by disobeying the cops remarks to ignore the child and stand down. Had he done that, Trayvon would be alive. I’m a firm believer in the second amendment, but a civilian does not get to play cops and robbers without consequence.

    It is a very real shame what happened to Jonathon Lowe. Thank you for shedding light on the matter.


    1. The police in no way shape or form told him to stand down, nor did they have a right to. They said, “We don’t need you to do that.” They would make such a statement to avoid their own liability if he got hurt following a dangerous individual at the behest of the police.

      George Zimmerman was found innocent because he was innocent. He didn’t try to exact justice and therefore he was not being a vigilante, he simply asked questions. Trayvon Martin is the only one who tried to exact justice for what he felt was a disrespectful question, and he chose to escalate that justice to violence in doing so. George Zimmerman did nothing physical to Trayvon Martin until after Martin physically attacked him. He is guilty of nothing.

      This is precisely why he was acquitted. Justice was served on all counts. If Trayvon didn’t want killed, he killed have complied or walked away. He and only he made the situation violent and dangerous, not Zimmerman.


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