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After Renaming Files On My NAS, Smart TV or Other Viewing Device Won’t Find Them

For those of you who normally come her for the science or political discourse, sorry—this is just me sharing a problem I found the solution to myself, quite by accident, after not finding any solution on the web despite many chiming in on forum’s with non-working solutions.

In case I’m not the only one who ran into this, I figured I’d share on my website here, hopefully a web search for your issue brought you here.

Problem: You’re using Network Attached Storage (NAS) and you’re viewing the contents on a Smart TV or other viewing device.

You decide you want to reorganize your NAS, correct spelling errors, or whatever. After renaming files on your NAS, you can’t find them any longer with your Smart TV or viewing device. It seems it only shows the unaltered files and folders.

Solution: I stumbled across the solution quite by accident, but it’s fairly simple to do.

I’m using a Sony Smart TV but the TV isn’t the issue whatsoever, which is why most solutions people try on the TV or viewing device do not work. The solution is in the UPnP server of your NAS.

I personally have a D-Link NAS, but again, I don’t think that matters.

Go to your NAS’s web page where you would make changes to your NAS’s settings. You should be able to access this by going to My Computer. See image 1MyCompI happened to name my NAS “Nvts” (It’s from the movie History If The World).

Click on the NAS (Nvts in this case) link underneath “Network.”

No matter who makes your NAS, it should have a webpage for the settings, so click on that.

There should be a section to modify settings for UPnP Server. Select this section, and in there, you should see a choice to “Refresh” this server. (Right in the middle of the below image on my D-LINK DNS-321). This will repopulate your server (don’t worry, it won’t erase any data whatsoever.)


That’s it! You’re good to go. Hope this helped.