Average Joe SCOTUS: FCC v. Prometheus Radio Project

Pretty simple case, here. Because there are limited radio waves, the FCC tries to make rules to ensure competition in the marketplace, restricting how many people can own one market area. Basically, they don’t allow one media giant to own too many TV or radio stations in that area, so that people get news and information from varied sources.

In 2017, the FCC was like, “Fuck it, we don’t care anymore. Do whatever the fuck you want at this point. No one even gives a fuck about radio or newsprint anymore anyway.” They eased all their “cross-ownership” rules accordingly. These rules initially were making sure that people heard opposing view points, but what’s the point now, with all these news hacks all over the internet, digital radio, YouTube, or whatever.

They instead, created an “incubator” program to encourage women and minorities to start up such stations.

The 3rd circuit was like, “Hey, FCC! What the fuck do you think you’re doing? This incubator program is cute and all, but repealing your cross-ownership rules will make it nearly impossible for women and minorities to get in the game, you dumb fucks.” So they killed FCC’s new rules.

Prometheus Radio Group is one of those small ass stations, and they’re pretty sure the FCC’s rules will fuck them squarely in the asshole.

So now we’re at SCOTUS deciding if the FCC or the 3rd circuit got it right. And in a unanimous decision, SCOTUS agreed with the FCC. Basically saying, “you fuckheads were charged with policing the airwaves, and within that context, you can make whatever rules you think serve that interest as long as you explain it well enough, and it isn’t some unreasonable or unconstitutional nonsense. Go forth and multiply.”

Read about the case, and hear oral arguments at Oyez.com. You can also check out SCOTUS Blog’s analysis.

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