Memebuster – Are Chemicals in Foods Really Bad For You?


Vani Hari aka The Food Babe
Vani Hari aka The Food Babe

I understand it’s fashionable to complain about all the “Chemicals” in food these days. The scientific names for chemical compounds are quite foreign to anyone who didn’t study chemistry.

But let’s put on our skeptical hat for a minute. I’d like to point out that foods, in and of themselves, are entirely composed of chemicals, including the ones labeled “organic.”2997facda28f3381345d2a7223fa48e0927cd647173bee49fddde44bfd47c1b8[1]

Water, for instance, in the scientific community, is known as the much scarier sounding dihydrogen monoxide (Two hydrogens, one oxygen). A fact that Penn & Teller decided to exploit in their rather entertaining yet educational program called “Bullshit!”

Just because something is a chemical, cannot and should NEVER be assumed to be bad for you. Some just don’t have pretty names like water or table salt (aka: sodium chloride)

When companies make food products that turn out to be toxic, barring foods that are just unhealthy, or low on nutrition, which you usually know and eat anyway, those companies usually get skewered in the news, it costs them millions or even billions, and many go out of business as a result.12b3eb1c33a8043971f61d184fb3a763[1]

Or in the case of Stuart Parnell, even go to prison. A peanut farmer found criminally negligent, but allowing the spread of salmonella poisoning.

Businesses are in business to make money. They make money by providing a superior product for a superior price. It has never been, nor will ever be, in their best financial interests to make a product that could cause you or your loved ones to die. Capitalists, despite the myth of them all being evil, are generally not murderers.

I know it’s sexy to believe in the “evil corporations,” but any of you who are employed, either work for a corporation, or started one yourself. Do you think you’re evil, or that your boss is out to kill their consumers? I’ve been in the job marketplace for decades now, and I’ve never gotten even a whiff of my employer encouraging us employees to endanger the lives of our consumers.

The people putting forth these chemicals-are-bad mantras are spreading fear based food-science ignorance. Buying into this will not enrich your life in any way.

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