Memebuster – Are Chemicals in Foods Really Bad For You?


Vani Hari aka The Food Babe
Vani Hari aka The Food Babe

I understand it’s fashionable to complain about all the “Chemicals” in food these days. The scientific names for chemical compounds are quite foreign to anyone who didn’t study chemistry.

But let’s put on our skeptical hat for a minute. I’d like to point out that foods, in and of themselves, are entirely composed of chemicals, including the ones labeled “organic.”2997facda28f3381345d2a7223fa48e0927cd647173bee49fddde44bfd47c1b8[1]

Water, for instance, in the scientific community, is known as the much scarier sounding dihydrogen monoxide (Two hydrogens, one oxygen). A fact that Penn & Teller decided to exploit in their rather entertaining yet educational program called “Bullshit!”

Just because something is a chemical, cannot and should NEVER be assumed to be bad for you. Some just don’t have pretty names like water or table salt (aka: sodium chloride)

When companies make food products that turn out to be toxic, barring foods that are just unhealthy, or low on nutrition, which you usually know and eat anyway, those companies usually get skewered in the news, it costs them millions or even billions, and many go out of business as a result.12b3eb1c33a8043971f61d184fb3a763[1]

Or in the case of Stuart Parnell, even go to prison. A peanut farmer found criminally negligent, but allowing the spread of salmonella poisoning.

Businesses are in business to make money. They make money by providing a superior product for a superior price. It has never been, nor will ever be, in their best financial interests to make a product that could cause you or your loved ones to die. Capitalists, despite the myth of them all being evil, are generally not murderers.

I know it’s sexy to believe in the “evil corporations,” but any of you who are employed, either work for a corporation, or started one yourself. Do you think you’re evil, or that your boss is out to kill their consumers? I’ve been in the job marketplace for decades now, and I’ve never gotten even a whiff of my employer encouraging us employees to endanger the lives of our consumers.

The people putting forth these chemicals-are-bad mantras are spreading fear based food-science ignorance. Buying into this will not enrich your life in any way.

Memebuster – Sharia Law Is Identical To The Republican Platform


I ‘ve decided to start a new segment at Logical Libertarian called Memebuster. I will attempt to debunk memes largely based on ideology, and rarely containing any factual information. Let’s start with this one from a friend on Twitter. I’ll answer them one at a time:

Government based on religion

While Republicans are definitely quite commonly supporting laws based on their own religious ideology, none have ever promoted the idea of abolishing the 1st amendment and legislating the Bible, or any other religion.

There’s a difference between promoting a law based on religious beliefs, and adopting a government based solely on religion.

Women have fewer rights than men

Under Sharia law, women can’t even show their face, can be murdered if they get raped—being deemed as adulterers, aren’t allowed to drive a car, etc.

No one in the GOP is promoting such a notion.

This is entirely about positions on abortion. We’re all against murder, but in the eyes of many on the right, abortion is seen as the murder of an innocent child. There is no scientific evidence that can deem them wrong.

While I’m personally pro-choice prior to fetal-viability, it’s merely my opinion, and positions on abortion always will be. But it is NEVER about taking away women’s rights for the GOP, they’re trying to protect the rights of the unborn as they see it.

Disagree if you must, as I do, but don’t lie by saying they’re against women’s rights.

Homosexuality is outlawed

No GOP legislator is promoting making homosexuality a crime. They are against it being called marriage, since many are religious and consider marriage a religious institution. But many GOPs support civil unions, and some have even evolved on gay marriage.

This is a wildly hyperbolic overstatement by this meme.

Rejecting Science In Favor of Religious Doctrine

Many lawmakers on the left and right are religious. Many are not scientists. When you don’t understand a particular field of science, you will largely default to your beliefs. This is not unique to Republicans.

Politicians on both sides promote religion and/or science when it serves their interests.

For instance, Democrats promote the idea of giving, often quoting the Bible, when they promote socialist policies that take from people with money, and give to people who don’t have money. Despite the science of economics that shows that socialism has never lifted an economy out of ruin.Alms for the poor box

Republicans are usually accused of being anti-science on global warming, but there isn’t a religious reason for doing that, they just believe that the predictive models aren’t settled science.

I cannot think of any issue where they ignore science because of religious dogma. Most accept that the Earth isn’t 6,000 years old, most call a doctor before a priest when they’re sick, and most consider scientific evidence when offered it, as related to proposed legislation.

The 1st Amendment
The 1st Amendment

No separation between church and state

Again, no Republican is promoting a repeal of the 1st amendment, or amending it.  I would also like to point out that “separation of church and state” is not even in the Constitution, which instead points out that no law should be passed prohibiting or mandating religion. That’s a pretty big distinction.

There are no proposed laws from Republicans trying to force someone to be religious, but instead to enforce they’re opinion of morality based on their religion.

In other words, no Republican is forcing you to be religious, but they don’t want you smoking marijuana, for instance, because they think it’s just wrong—largely based on their own religious conditioning.

Religion is taught in schools

This is half-true. Many Republicans want religion allowed to be taught in school, but none are promoting the idea that it must be taught in school under penalty of law, such as Sharia law would dictate.

Abortion is illegal

This is probably the only fair similarity in this meme. Many Republicans are anti-choice on the issue of abortion because again, they believe it’s murder.

You can disagree with them if you like, but their decision isn’t an oppressive one, it’s about saving what they believe to be a human life, a principle we all agree on in theory, we just disagree on when a life becomes a life.