You are probably a libertarian if…

One of the struggles I believe libertarians face is convincing people who largely embrace libertarian principles to know and/or admit they are actually libertarians.

A good number of people I interact with state they are socially liberal, but fiscally conservative. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this. If you’ve ever said this yourself, you’re essentially a libertarian.

Yet many of these people are either not aware of what libertarianism really is, or just refuse to admit they’re a libertarian because of the unfair and inaccurate stereotype that libertarians are anarchistic drug addicts.

Einstein is quoted as saying, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Whether he actually said it or not, is questionable, but this is essentially the philosophy of libertarians regarding government. Most of us are not anarchists, we simply believe that government should be as simple as possible without resorting to anarchy.Don't Tread On Me

So with that in mind, I decided to put together a list of signs that might help you to understand whether or not you are indeed a Libertarian.

You’re probably a libertarian…

  • If you’ve ever driven without your seatbelt on, or ridden a motorcycle without a helmet, even though the law says you must, because, “dammit, it’s my head, and I’ll do what I damn well want with it.”
  • If you’ve ever noticed your neighbor who is on disability throwing his golf clubs in the car as you’re headed to work and thought to yourself, “Hey, something isn’t right here.”
  • If you think straight people trying to ban gay marriage makes about as much sense as you banning someone else from having a doughnut because you’re on a diet.
  • If you have ever questioned the logic of why a carmaker is required to put airbags on your car by law, which you are then allowed to turn legally turn off and never use.
  • If you’ve ever wondering how it’s legal to give sex away, but not OK to be compensated for sex.
  • If you’ve ever stated that Democrats and Republicans are both corrupt.
  • If you’ve ever gotten a ticket from a police officer in a situation where you were no danger to other motorists whatsoever and been mad about it.
  • If you’ve ever been upset because you went to buy liquor on Sundays and were restricted from doing so because of obvious religious underpinnings that should be clear violations of the 1st amendment, yet are allowed anyway.
  • If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “No victim—no crime” and thought, “Yeah, I’m down with that.”
  • If you’ve ever thought about opening your own business and were scared away due to the burden of regulations you were faced with and thought, “This shouldn’t be this complicated.”
  • If you’re a smoker and have been upset that an establishment wants to have a designated smoking area for people like you, but were advised they could not by law.
  • If you’re young, reasonably healthy, somewhat poor, and don’t really want to have to buy health care, but upset you are no longer given that choice.
  • If you have friends who smoke marijuana safely and without harming anyone and thought it’s basically nonsensical to throw someone like this in jail.
  • If you’ve ever heard your child’s school fired their favorite teacher in favor of the more tenured teacher and thought, “How dare they choose an older teacher over a better one when we’re talking about the future of my child.”
  • If you’ve ever received a traffic violation citation from a machine that took a picture of you and didn’t smile because you were on Candid Camera.
  • If you’ve ever witnessed a terminally ill person want to engage in assisted suicide, and were upset that government officials were intervening as if it’s any of their business.

These are but a few of my favorites I can come up with the top of my head, can you think of more? Tweet me at @LgclLibertarian, #MightBeLibertarian

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