Pro-Choice/Pro-Life Poll

Abortion is one of the hottest subjects of debate among Americans. While science can answer a lot of questions, what it cannot do is define when a life becomes a life versus a growth inside the mother. It’s akin to asking when does cookie dough become a cookie. There is no right or wrong answer to this subject, such conjecture will always be a matter of opinion. So what’s yours?

2 thoughts on “Pro-Choice/Pro-Life Poll”

  1. “Life” is not the same issue as “personhood.” Psychology and philosophy actually have had a definition of person for a long time. There are several additional interrelated aspects of “personhood” that are generally agreed upon by philosophy and psychology. “In a general philosophical sense,” says the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary, a person is “a self-conscious or rational being.” Reason is “the intellectual power or faculty which is ordinarily employed in adapting thought or action to some end.” That is, a person is an organism that can engage in what psychologists call “purposeful action” and philosophers call “making choices.” That cannot occur till birth. The newborn, however limited is capable of such cognitions from the time of birth but not before. See


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